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Come on, recognize the symptoms of thrombus and its treatment

Thrombus is a blood clot that forms in the walls of blood vessels. Blood clots are actually useful for stopping bleeding, in response to injury or injury. But when it occurs outside of these conditions, thrombus can cause serious health problems. Blood functions to supply oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Without blood, the tissues and organs of the body will be damaged so that they are unable to work properly. That is why, disruption in blood flow due to thrombus can menimbultkan various diseases, such as heart disease and stroke. Understanding Thrombus Blood clots occur when the blood hardens become solid. Blood clots that form in arteries and veins are called thrombus. Thrombus can form in any part of the body, then it can be released and carried away by blood flow to other parts of the body, and cause blockages in the area. This thrombus that is released and causes blockages is called an embolism. Blockages in the arteries can block oxygen intake to the tissues in t
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How to Calculate the Age of a Premature Baby and Monitor Its Development

Determining the right age for premature babies is important to do to predict growth and development and evaluate their health condition. Mother confused how to calculate the age of premature babies? Is it from the time the baby is born or based on the estimated birth day (HPL)? Come, see the following explanation. Premature babies are babies born when the mother's gestational age is less than 37 weeks. Parents who have premature babies may be confused when asked how old their babies are. Should it be calculated according to the age of pregnancy or since the Little One was born? Calculate the age of premature babies There are two ways to calculate the age of premature babies, based on chronological age and age of correction. The following explanation: Chronological age Chronological age is the age of the baby which is calculated from the time he was born. This age is not used as a benchmark, because growth and development and organ function of premature babies are not like b

Keep Calm Mother, These Tips on Caring for Sick Children at Home

When a child is sick, it's natural that Mother is restless and sometimes doesn't focus on what needs to be done to care for the Little One. C'mon, look again at what is necessary and not to be done so that he recovers quickly. Caring for children who are sick does need patience and special calm, yes, Bun. Especially for babies and toddlers (under five years). Although only treated at home, but Mother also needs to understand the right way to care for your child, and be aware of the signs or symptoms that require immediate doctor treatment. Various Things That Need To Be Done The first thing you can do when caring for your little one who is sick, is listening to the child's will. For example, if Mother wants him to sleep in the room but the child wants to sleep on the sofa. Try to obey where he feels comfortable. In addition, the Mother needs to help your child rest comfortably so that he can recover quickly, including by: Placing children in a room with good air